Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big Think + TED

TechCrunch ran an article yesterday about BigThink, a new website where, um, "thinkers," get to share their opinions on subjects (presumably within their expertise). Although it rubs wrong some tiny classicist streak in me that thinks we should be reading about big ideas (or at least, listening for them on the radio), I do have to admit to being a big fan of the TED lectures (and continued big ups to my current giggers, Method, for designing the site!), and further, find video on the web to be a very consumable medium for engaging with big ideas. It is also nice (maybe even revelatory) to see the person presenting the idea. It makes it easier for me to judge them.

PS - I have no idea who David Patrick Columbia is, but apparently he is an "expert" qualified to answer the question "What is the most lavish party you have been to?" His answer kind of sucks, and in perusing the sight further, a lot of the experts kind of suck, and seem unqualified to answer the questions posed to them (Tommy Thomson on the Road to Iraq?). I'd rather see CC answer the question "What is the most lavish party you have been to?"

PPS - Dear BigThink, you should work on the ability of your embed code. Very hard to copy/paste, and I have neither the time nor the energy to actually inspect your code and figure out why Blogger thinks that the embed tag is not being closed properly...

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