Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Design In-Joke Crowd

I haven't posted much about my current job, but it is certainly interesting working at a firm (albeit a small one), where a large number of my colleagues are creative people - visual and user experience designers. One of my favorite parts of this are the email exchanges, somewhere between arch and snarky, where the designers make fun of the products/ websites/ad-campaigns that some other set of designers were (presumably) compelled to do by their no-taste marketing minders. Often these exchanges are peppered with real insight or inquiry, but sometimes they're just mean (though rarely mis-guided). Some examples:

- JM sends out a site for Make My Logo Bigger Cream.
- An incredibly bad, so-bad-its-funny, ad for some sort of flu medicine.
- A possibly very good (?) marketing campaign for a futuristic toilet (sometimes, you can't tell if the designers are pro/con...)

The other side benefit, of course, is getting turned on to some very cool stuff happening, both from a design and technology perspective. Surely more fun than lawyers:

- Perceptive Pixel, bringing Minority Report one step closer to reality.
- The World Clock Project.
- Stixy, another attempt to solve the on-line collaboration problem (although looks to be a good one...)


karsten said...

Yeah I want one of those washlets. Those are pretty sweet, and the lady who explain to you how it works is quite charming.

"Using it couldn't be easier, you just sit down, do what you came to do, and then reach for the remote."

Moko said...

I don't know what I think about perceptive pixel. Like what if your fingers are greasy?

Something like this would only encourage the bad computer behavior of that twat colleague of yours who always puts his finger on your screen when he wants to point to something.