Friday, September 14, 2007

Joe Biden Writes Me Every Day

Do I think Joe Biden is going to be elected President in 2008? Not really. Do I hope he has a major voice in the shaping of national policy, particularly foreign policy, our role in Iraq, and how we communicate American values to the world at large, from 2008 until he chooses to retire from public life? Absolutely.

I hope Biden's focus and investment in Iowa will pay dividends, and that he can stay a vital voice longer through the 2008 campaign cycle. I have been enamored with the directness, conviction, and clarity with which he has been able to address Iraq and other issues (notably, also Sudan) through the missives and videos that his campaign is producing. Will he prevail in Iowa? I certainly don't know politics well enough to predict.

But should he falter, in Iowa or later in the campaign cycle, I expect that he should play a major role in any Democratic administration - as a Secretary of State, Ambassador to the UN, or maybe even VP. Go Joe!

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