Tuesday, July 24, 2007

YouTube Debate

As mentioned, I didn't get to watch last night's debate, due to the whole no TV thing. In truth, I don't really enjoy the debates, and its interesting to see the candidates themselves bristle against the format more and more often. The inclusion of "user-generated content" was a novel twist in the YouTube debate, and the reviews I've read have been pretty encouraging - particularly in citing the more cogent questions, while noting that the format, like YouTube itself, allowed a few average Americans to make fools of themselves. The consensus seems to be coalescing around the trio of Clinton, Edwards, and Obama winning the debates - which is encouraging, in terms of seeing the potential nominees performing well, but a little discouraging, in terms of feeling like all of the elements of the nomination process are like an echo chamber. It would be nice to see someone (Biden? Richardson?) make a serious challenge from within the pack...

Below are some links to coverage that I found interesting. Anyone see the debates and have opinions?

TalkingPointsMemo put together a "highlights video"
John Dickerson at Slate.com seems to score it: Clinton, Obama, Edwards
Roger Simon at Politico.com explicitly gives the win to Edwards, then Clinton, then Obama

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