Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Magazine

I finally got a chance to leaf through my copy of Good Magazine, which I had picked up for the train ride down to NYC, and never got around to reading. According to the magazine's footer,
GOOD is for people whoe give a damn. It's an entertaining magazine about things that matter
It's a stylishly-laid out magazine, with a fairly strong design-influence, that brings to light lots of cool initiatives going on around the world - from innovative, locally focused solutions to public health issues in sub-Saharan Africa, to high-concept culture-jamming efforts in the New York art-circuit. The features feel lightweight and rambly, and the whole design-chic aesthetic, well, I guess you can make of that what you will. But the magazine is worth a look.

The coolest idea in the March/Aprill issue? The PlayPump, powering the pumping and storage of safe drinking water in South Africa through a merry-go-round where children can play:

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